Black Panther is definitely this year's most anticipated movie for the culture and it made its official pre-screening premiere in Los Angeles, and audiences who attended had nothing but positive feedback for the film. It's already known that pre-sale tickets broke records for Marvel and will continue to do so once it officially premieres for the general public.

Here are some of the feedback's



If you don’t understand the power of representation, imagine growing up never seeing a superhero who looks like you. When American Girl dolls came out I always picked Addy who had to escape slavery. But now kids have #BlackPanther’s Nakia, Shuri and Okoye. Dope on many levels.



BLACK PANTHER is incredible, kinetic, purposeful. A superhero movie about why representation & identity matters, and how tragic it is when those things are denied to people. The 1st MCU movie about something real; Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger had me weeping and he’s the VILLAIN



Black Panther was STUNNING. The movie itself tackles a lot of different issues, including a complex villain and the moral struggles that come with being king. 

And it truly showed the strength of black women THE ENTIRE TIME.#BlackPanther



Black Panther is a new high for Marvel on so many levels: the richest exploration of identity and strength and privilege, the deepest bench of complex women, and I think the MCU’s most tragic villain. The atmosphere in the screening room was so charged.

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