After her speech at the golden globes awards, this past Sunday Democrats and Republicans have been making a lot of noise on her potential run for the 2020 elections. Some harsh and stupid like Donald Jr (nothing else is expected) while Democrats as per Cnn have come to their conclusion that strategists and activists largely agree: It's not crazy. And she could win.

"Here's the thing, I think, with Oprah with women that are in their 30s, 40s, and 50s: She was the first kind of serious media personality who on a regular basis told our stories. She was in our living rooms, giving validity to our stories," said Jane Kleeb, the Nebraska Democratic Party chairwoman.

Appart from being someone in the public for decades, she is known for all the right reasons. "She would be a viable candidate not because of her celebrity but in spite of it," he added. "She would be a viable candidate because of all she's accomplished, because of all she's done for people and because of what she stands for, so it's very different from Trump."

All is possible and especially since she already seems like a treat since the Washington Post decided to write a half-truth hit piece on Oprah this morning.

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