For the last few days, we have seen EX Bad Medina and Melissia Rene go at each other over a fur coat Medina believes used to belong to her. Its no surprised since in the past its been known that Floyd doesn't always let his exes keep their treasures after the separation. The back and forth went like this:

Medina: "you got my last years shit" Then Rene followed her argument with posting a clip on Instagram with the coat with her name tagged on the inside. Medina continued to suggest that the tag was recently put on there, yet Rene decided to hit her with a low blow posting " @badmedina "you right Bitch I was never around when you were because I'm not apart of the "collection" you wanted to be a baby momma, but your eggs were rotten" Medina responded by simply telling her she was acting like a groupie.

Might be time for Floyd to put these two ladies in the ring.

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