A new document has surfaced which includes another incident involving two women from the United Kingdom, identified as Jane Doe 1 and 2, who alleges Nelly assaulted them while he was overseas. One of the women says the 43-year-old artist called her a “cunt” after not consenting to intercourse. According to the Daily Beast, more accusers are planning to come forward and one of the accusers according to the court records claims that “Nelly closed the door, stood in front of it, and dropped his trousers,” while his other accuser is in the military.

From the previous article: In recent reports, the charges against the rapper Nelly were dropped. Since then he has allegedly said he would sue his accuser Monique Greene. As per TMZ, she did it first! According to the original suit, Nelly had sex with Greene against her will ... both orally and vaginally. Greene says she tried to dissuade him by saying he needed to wear a condom, but he refused and continued assaulting her. Afterward, Greene says she was screaming she wanted off the bus ... and an entourage member pushed her off, and Nelly threw a $100 bill at her and said, "Bye bye." 

Greene is now suing for defamation, claiming after his arrest Nelly and his team began a smear campaign ... saying she was only after "money, fame and notoriety."



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