2Pac - The Lost Prison Interview (1995) - 2Pac's Prophecy [Remastered & 432 Hz]

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    New 2017 - 1080P - Remastered - 432 Hz - Lossless - Flac - 1.411 kBit/s - HD - High Quality - Hip-Hop

    This is a 2Pac Interview which took pla


    New 2017 - 1080P - Remastered - 432 Hz - Lossless - Flac - 1.411 kBit/s - HD - High Quality - Hip-Hop

    This is a 2Pac Interview which took place in 1995.

    The new All Eyez On Me Movie will be released in november and hopefully we will see a true display of the legend.

    With the new 2Pac All Eyez On Me Trailer for the upcoming 2Pac Movie, we can witness a new 2Pac hype.

    Along with the uploaded 2Pac Trailer this is my part for the promotion of the All Eyez On Me Movie.

    A larger than life legend in the rap world, Pac has been the subject of numerous documentaries that range from Oscar-nominated to cash grabs.

    The new one, entitled ‘Tupac Uncensored and Uncut: The Lost Prison Tapes,’ takes a novel approach by letting the fallen star speak directly and from the heart.

    Too often, it’s hard to get a sense of Pac because the story and theories surrounding the happenings in 1996 often overshadow his actual career and character.

    ‘The Lost Prison Tapes’ is based around a never-before-seen interview that the rapper did from the Clinton Correction Facility in 1995 while he was locked-up on a s3xual a**ault conviction.

    During this time, which was before he joined Death Row, Pac was ferociously devouring books like Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’ and writing a screenplay entitled ‘Live 2 Tell.’

    Pac’s interview delves heavily into his relationship with his mother, his intention to become an uplifting figure and his theories about the infamous 1994 shooting at Quad Recordings where he was nearly killed.

    I know many readers of this site are rap fans so I figured many would appreciate this rare video.

    It is a 40 minute uncut interview with Tupac Shakur during the time he was incarcerated.

    This might remind people of the time when artists had something to say and had views about issues.

    Tupac was about 23 years old in this video.

    One can only imagine the potential influence he could have had on the world as his mind matured and his views evolved.

    This might explain why there was such a massive FBI file about him…and probably why he got taken away from us.

    As he said himself in this interview: “They’ll start taking out anyone who is trying to do something positive for the community”.

    What can be more positive than making “being smart” a cool thing?

    According to our unofficial count, this is the fifteenth documentary made about Tupac Shakur since the happenings in 1996.

    That’s more documentaries than albums, including posthumous output, if you’re keeping count.

    When I look at the latest trailer of the new Tupac Shakur biopic, All Eyez On Me, where it showed the scene of Pac’s arrest for “jay-walking” in 1991, it instantly reminds me of the videos of police incidents where innocent black people are targeted.

    Clearly, things haven’t changed much since then.

    How easily could have any of these racial murders been Tupac? The music legend was — and is — prime target for police b.

    He was loud, black, opinionated and was willing to take actions for his rights — at any cost.

    It is that reason alone why the living ghost of Tupac Amaru Shakur lies within Black Lives Matter — a movement that epitomizes everything that he stood for and valiantly fought against until his untimely end in 1996.

    Tupac famously said that although he might not change the world, he guaranteed that he would spark the young revolutionaries that would.

    And what if the thousands of members of BLM were those brains who were inspired by Pac himself? It’s certainly more than likely because without Pac and the burning mark he left on the world, it is hard to say whether or not activism in hip-hop within the last four years would have been as prominent.

    And although his body is no longer with us on Earth, his soul remains present within all of us entertainers, athletes, writers, and revolutionaries alike.

    The reality of it is simple… Pac is with us.

    And he walks among us within the Black Lives Matter Movement.

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